Good Deeds

One of the things that adds a little variety to what is certainly a repetitive job is when we receive Christian literature along with cheque payments. Today we got the Chick Comic “Flight 144”!

This comic tells the message of salvation only through Jesus, not good deeds or a righteous life. The twist in the story is NOT that the plane lands safely (it doesn’t – Chick Comics usually feature people meeting their maker sooner rather than later), but that the famous missionaries on board do NOT make it into Heaven! The problem is that all they did was build hospitals and schools, but they never taught anyone about Jesus.

Personal highlight:
Jesus has no face!! What the heck… I understand the riskiness of drawing God in a comic, but still… I think white ninja handled this issue better than Jack Chick…

Hopefully coming soon… reflections on the book of Titus! Which will have very much to do with the role of good deeds in Christian life 🙂
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