For Bad Days

I came across this bit in a post from Momastery today – it happens to contain both swear words in the whole long (great) post, so sorry if that troubles you. Me, I like bad words when they say what you mean, and very often sucky just isn’t what I mean. But I digress, here is the thought I wanted to share and keep handy for bad days:

When anything’s about to hit the fan, I’m always pretty sure it’s gonna be you know what. I never really believe we can pray bad things away. I don’t have that kind of faith. Bad things happen. God doesn’t protect us from them.

But then I thought that maybe I do have faith, it’s just a different kind of faith. I believe that shit happens. But that with the right eyes, ears, patience, and perspective, that shit can become Holy. I just read this quote from Robert Frost… “In three words I can sum up everything I know about life: it goes on.” I think that’s so beautiful. Makes me think about Anna’s Jack.*

Right now, if I had to define life – it would be this: Holy Shit.

It’s all holy. All of it, especially the worst of it. I know this. Just gotta keep reminding myself.

*I added the link to the story of Anna’s Jack, it is not in the original post, and I feel like I should warn you – it is devastating. Jack is Anna’s 12 year old son who drowned playing in a creek with friends during a rain storm last September. I don’t know if my pre-pregnancy self would have needed to curl up in bed and cry after reading this story, but today I did. Anna’s blog is really beautiful, and I think I will come back to it and read more and maybe cry more, but I just wanted to throw this out there, that the link is to a really heavy post. Love, me.

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