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Lines of Purpose

One of my favourite verses in Scripture these days comes from Colossians 1 in the Message:

The lines of purpose in your lives never grow slack, tightly tied as they are to your future in Heaven, kept taut by hope.”

This single sentence has captured me since I first read it a few weeks ago, and I’ve been coming back to it over and over again, daring to dream that these words might one day be true of me!

I so often catch myself overwhelmed and drifting, or frantic and kept taut by stress, but this verse has been a touchstone for me to find a middle place. I’ve been trying to listen for the hope that whispers purpose into the mundane or the simple. Instead of resigning myself to life as a tangled heap of marionette limbs being pulled in all directions, I’ve been reflecting on what my lines of purpose are really tied to.

The truth is that a lot of what I do revolves around meeting expectations from others and myself – nothing to do with my future in Heaven, and they certainly don’t move me toward hope!

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What am I waiting for?

Psalm 39:7 –¬†And now, O LORD, for what do I wait? My hope is in You.

I love looking forward – to the weekend, to plans with a friend, to payday, to Summer weather ūüôā I try to stay in the moment, but if I’m honest I’m often planning ahead and thinking about what comes next.

In Psalm 39, David is reflecting on how quickly life passes –¬†verse 6 says¬†We are merely moving shadows,¬†and all our busy rushing ends in nothing¬†– but his response is not despair, it is turning to God¬†in that moment.

As I look forward in time, I imagine that walking with God will get easier, that barriers will pass away – I’d love to work part time and be free to volunteer more. As Torre gets older and more independent, I’m able to go to conferences again to be encouraged and challenged. If we lived closer to family and friends I love the idea of sharing life and meals more often, having playdates and praying together. It’s easy to get caught up in imagining how different circumstances could make life just wonderful, but then what do we have to show for it?

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Sabbath Rest

This morning I had the rare opportunity to relax at home before heading to church. It’s strange to think how rare it is, but reality is that Sunday mornings are usually rushed as we head to church. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve brewed coffee only to forget it on the counter, how often we skip breakfast or just buy something from Tim’s because we’d rather trade¬†extra sleep for¬†a relaxed morning at home.

Today was different because I went to bed early AND didn’t need to be at church¬†until 10 am, so I had a whole window of time in which everyone was awake, fed and dressed, but it simply wasn’t time to go. I sat on my couch and savoured my coffee and listened to worship music and… rested.

Forgive me for being so stunned at the peaceful gift it was to simply relax and enjoy a morning off on the Sabbath.

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Working Together

I was listening to a sermon online last week, and the pastor mentioned the Read Scripture app that his congregation was using together in order to get alone with God and be changed through prayer and reading the Bible. I was interested and downloaded the app to my phone, and guys! What a great resource this is!

My favourite part is the videos that have been created to introduce or explain themes from different books of the Bible and for overarching themes through Scripture as well. Tonight I watched this video about Covenants:

I’ve only watched a handful of the videos that are available, but each has been very excellent, and I’m excited to explore and discover more over the coming weeks. What struck me most from this video was right at the start when the narrator describes God’s plan for humanity to be his partners in creating the world that he wants. It struck me because my relationship spectrum for God ranges mostly between¬†“servant” and¬†“beloved child,” and it’s a timely reminder for me that “partner” belongs in there too.

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We Are So Loved

I’m standing on my GO train this morning. Sometimes I get a seat, but not today. I’m on the upper level of a double decker train car – the “quiet zone” where nobody talks on their phone or to each other. We just read or doze or text or blog, and I’m watching rows and rows of people do their thing, and I’m thinking about how much God loves us.

It always boggles my mind when I see Torre in a group of kids, when I arrive for daycare pick up and the classroom is busy with children playing, or when I lose sight of him at a playground and then catch the flash of his bright orange shirt, because at the moment when I see him in the crowd my heart cracks open a little bit with love. I could (and I have) watch that boy sleep and not be bored, just soak in every cell of him alive and mine and at peace. What boggles my mind when I feel the heart-crack of mother love is that in the sea of children where I see my son, every child has a mother whose heart will do the same thing (or should) at the sight of them.

I’m preparing a sermon, and I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s love, and as I stand on this train, I can’t help but imagine these 72 people as kids on a bus, each with a parent waiting to catch their eye except that God is the parent and he lights up for each one of us. He smiles fondly at his children – the open mouth sleepers, the slumped over nappers, the middle-aged suit whose head keeps rolling back then crashing forward like we’re all on a roller coaster; and the awake children too – the makeup fixers and eBook readers and email checkers, and one guy who had to bite his fist to stop from breaking the quiet zone with a laugh at something on his phone.

I think of weird stuff sometimes on the GO train. I try to guess how much it would cost to replace the clothing and technology of a car’s worth of commuters, or I wonder how much car debt is represented by the full parking lot at the train station, or I try to imagine each person as they were at age 5. Picturing the children that people used to be helps me imagine some of the tenderness that God feels toward them, although I also know that the love of God for his people is deeper and wider and fiercer than I can ever imagine. We are so loved, you and I, them and us. We are so loved.2016-06-26 18.20.24