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Book Review: Tell Your Time

Time management is something I’ve loved to dabble in but have never mastered. I am very good at keeping busy, but not so good at accomplishing the tasks and to-do lists that constantly whirl in my mind. Enter Tell Your Time, a short ebook that has recently reframed my relationship with the clock and the calendar!

What sets this book apart from other time-management books and articles is that it doesn’t tell you how to fit everything into your schedule – in fact, if you follow the system in this book you might end up doing less than what you started with. The author, Amy Lynn Andrews, has a very realistic approach that I love – there are only so many hours in the day, and they are a God-given limit on what we can accomplish. The trick is figuring out how to use those hours in the best way, to be productive without ending up burnt out or dabbling aimlessly in many things without accomplishing our most important goals.

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Tell Your Time outlines four basic steps to building a schedule that works, and even though I decided not to create a schedule in the end, I found it really helpful to go through these steps on a personal level, outlining my values and goals, and plotting out ways to achieve those goals.

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