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Project 333: Round 2

If you remember my first experiment with Project 333, I have been living with that wardrobe for over 3 months. and to be honest it gradually grew by a few items over the summer. However, it also gave me the willpower to resist buying more than a few sundresses because I was so aware of the pretty dresses I already owned and didn’t wear very often. This project was also a lifesaver back in June when I travelled to the West coast for a month – packing and unpacking was so much easier than it would have been with more choices. I learned that I have all the clothes I need, and I got a better sense of what clothes I actually like to wear, versus the clothes I like the idea of but never take out of the closet. DSC07718

With that said, many of the tank tops I wear the most are very worn and will need to be replaced for next Summer. Some of them have been around for 8 or 9 years and are faded, stretched, and some even have holes. They have served their time, and I am at peace with throwing them out. I’m excited to pick through Summer clearance racks with the purpose of replacing them (and not getting sucked into buying 10 because they’re cheap!). I think doing this project helps me be a better shopper because it gives me a better sense of what I want and need, so I’m not as overwhelmed by tables and racks of clothes in stores. We’ll see how it goes once I actually shop!

But first, the weather is starting to change, and I am ready for a new round of wardrobe streamlining!

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Project 333 Update

It has been almost two months since I chose my 33-item wardrobe, and so far the project has been a definite success! I spent a month visiting my parents, and having brought most of my 33 items with me, I was surprised to realize at the end of my trip that one summer dress didn’t get worn at all! I did wear it the first week back though – it is better suited to muggy Toronto summer weather than milder Victoria days.


It’s not too tidy, but I can still see all my options and pull clothes out without hangars falling or shelves collapsing, and that’s a win for me!

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Project 333: The Wardrobe

Earlier this week I shared a new endeavour I’ve undertaken to get a better handle on my wardrobe. For the next 3 months, this is the wardrobe I’m working with:DSC07385It doesn’t actually look that minimal to me, although to be fair I have bent some of the rules. Although there are in fact 33 items pictured above, I decided not to count my shoes after all – I did a decent job of decluttering my shoes a while ago, and wearing only those three pairs (one pair of runners, one pair of casual sandals, one pair of dressier sandals) will just wear out those shoes and my feet. This is not a project in pointless suffering! So since I am just getting started, I’m not going to count shoes. Having un-counted those three pairs, I added in another top, and I’ve been wearing a jacket that is not pictured either. True Project 333-ers include jewellery in their count, but I am not. Down the road, if I repeat this challenge, I might be a little stricter with myself, especially if the next two and a half months go as well as the last two weeks have.

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A New Challenge

The seed was planted when I changed my closet over from winter to summer clothes (we kind of missed spring here this year). I weeded out a few t-shirts and tank tops I hadn’t worn and wouldn’t miss, but ultimately my closet was more full than before I switched my wardrobe over. One option was to ask Matt to pick through his clothes and pack up his winter sweaters or dress shirts he won’t wear, but these things tend to go more smoothly when he works at his own pace 🙂

Another option was to bear with my crammed closet until Fall comes and hope I remember what I wore or not so I know what to pack away and what to give away. Chances of that are pretty slim, however, since even if I did remember what I wore, I always have the nagging thought that “maybe next year” I’ll wear the shimmery top I’ve been hoarding since grade 11. Maybe next year indeed.

The rich soil in which the seed was planted is the fact I am visiting my parents for a month and am totally overwhelmed at the thought of packing for that trip. The last time Matt and I were away overnight it took him three trips to bring everything down to the car. “When in doubt, pack it” doesn’t work so well for air travel, and I know the more streamlined I can travel, the easier it will be.

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