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38 Weeks

It seems that my days of sleeping at night may already be over. I’m 38 weeks now, technically (because it’s 1 in the morning), and for the third night in a row I am up up up. Two nights ago I blamed the nap I’d taken around dinnertime for the fact I couldn’t fall asleep until 7am, although it was okay because then I got the bed to myself πŸ˜‰Β  Last night I managed to fall asleep on the futon after making myself warm milk around 2 and again moved back to bed once Matt left for work. Tonight I felt sleepy when I went to bed, but no matter how much I let my mind drift, it just never shut down. So I tried the futon again, and now I am working on another favourite strategy when I can’t sleep – eat something.

BreakfastI’m calling this breakfast – it’s definitely breakfast timeΒ somewhere in the world. And yes, the snow people are lit up to keep me company πŸ™‚

The Truck has been very active all these last three nights as well. I can’t say if it’s anything special because I usually sleep through whatever fun it gets up to. During the day I do feel stretching and kicks and squirms, but those movement are nothing compared to the dance parties the Truck gets up to when I am laying still resting. Like, star-jump dance parties.

Of my whole pregnancy, I think this past week has passed the slowest. I think when I first hit 37, I felt like “wow this baby could actually come any day!” and by now I have settled into a more relaxed mentality that the baby could come, but it could also chill for another month so… meh. I have been taking all my vitamins and eating lots and resting plenty because I know the end is in sight! And the end is when things actually get tough, so even when I can’t sleep at night I’m not wasting energy stressing out about it. I will sleep when my body wants to sleep, and I will eat 6% m.f. yogurt with granola and strawberries when my body wants to do that instead. πŸ™‚ You are welcome, Baby, for all these delicious calories!

Last night Matt and I went to a home birth seminar hosted by our midwifery clinic, so we got to see all the equipment a midwife brings to a birth and to hear some home birth stories. It was interesting because all three women who shared their stories had such different experiences (one delivered her daughter in a birth pool, one wanted nothing to do with water her whole labour, no showers or baths or anything, and one (the midwife hosting the seminar) ended up transferring to the hospital because her baby would not descend and needed a vacuum), but despite the differences there were also such strong commonalities of what a powerful experience it was. Oh, and also two of the women said they reached a breaking point and were begging to just be cut open so the baby could be out; apparently that’s part of labour for a lot of women, lol. Matt and I had a good chat on the way home about our hopes for my labour and delivery but how we are both flexible in that because we just don’t know what we’ll be faced with. I still don’t want any unnecessary interventions, but I am not going to get so hung up on what I want to happen that I can’t cope with a change of plans. Hopefully. I guess I shouldn’t plan to not have a meltdown either, since that is completely possible, especially in the heat of labour.

Oh dear. Speaking of meltdowns. I just checked to see what my fruit-of-the-week is (this is just for fun, by the way, it doesn’t actually give me a better idea of how big the baby is; its monster stretches do that quite well). For week 38, the baby is the size of a PUMPKIN.

pumpkinThis is now an image that I need to erase from my mind because… there is a reason God did not make babies pumpkin-shaped, and that is because birthing a pumpkin would… would reduce a pregnant woman to stammering, mind-swearing despair.

On the bright side, maybe my birth mantra can be “I can do this. This is a baby, not a pumpkin!

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Full Term! (37 Weeks)

(almost) 37 wk bumpI’m still three weeks shy of my due date (so don’t get too excited :P), but today marks the milestone that the Truck will not be born pre-term. From this point forward (up to 42 weeks), the baby will be considered full-term, so we are in a new phase of waiting, knowing that we could officially be parents any time but I could also still be posting pregnancy updates a month from now.

A man at our church offered the use of his timeshare to Matt and I for a few days this week since he only comes to it over a weekend, so we have enjoyed two nights away as not-yet-parents in a really nice timeshare for free! Matt spent yesterday snowboarding on the hill next door while I took it easy in the room and got some writing done.

We also made a visit to my Grandparents since we are so close and had a great night talking about babies and enneagram types.full term with Matt I have been pretty good about not procrastinating my last-minute to-dos, helped along by bursts of nesting energy, but one thing I do need to handle when we get home is figuring out our camera in time for this baby coming on the scene! I have been meaning to figure out the settings and how to connect to the computer (if we even have a cord for that or need to buy one), but I haven’t had the motivation to deal with it lately, SO that’s going on my mental list, and there are a couple more supplies we need for our home birth. The hospital bag is packed though, baby clothes and blankets are washed and ready, and Matt will be installing our car seat in the next week or two. The calendar in our kitchen is filling up with appointments (I’ll see the midwife every week now, and I’m seeing a chiropractor twice a week), and I feel like I eat and sleep like a newborn in training.

My body is getting ready too – I’ve had braxton-hicks for the last few weeks that are becoming more frequent, and the baby is carrying really low. That’s great because it means it’s not going to flip out of position, and it’s also great because although I get lots of kicks to my ribs, my lungs and stomach still have enough room for me to breathe and eat more or less as normal.

I am so excited to meet this baby, but still savouring these final days and weeks of my body handling everything the Truck needs. I am also happy for every day I have to prepare my mind and our home for the changes ahead because I know in hindsight they will have gone by so quickly!

Counting Down

In one month today, my parents will be arriving to visit Matt and me for a few weeks. 31 days! I know the time will fly by with all the appointments, nesting projects and outings we are hoping to enjoy in the meantime in our final weeks as people-without-kids. There is also a little bit of suspense whether my parents will arrive before or after the Truck, since Feb 7 (the day they arrive) is my due date. Personally, I’m hoping they’ll beat the Truck by a couple days, but it’s not really up to me, and I trust that the Truck will come when (s)he is ready.hourglass

It’s nice for me to have a reason to count down to my due date other than expecting my baby to arrive on that day. I definitely feel like I’m in the home stretch of this pregnancy, and Matt and I are getting lots of “not much longer” comments, but it is very surreal not to know how much longer we have to wait, whether two weeks or four or six, whether my parents will meet their first grandchild days or seconds into its life, whether I’ll need the hospital bag I keep meaning to get around to packing. In the next 2-7 weeks I will know my child’s name and birthday, and I’ll be able to poke it in the ribs 200 times to get even for the last few weeks. Honestly, sometimes it feels like a jazzercise class is going on in my belly, and this baby is getting strong!

In the meantime, I’m getting better at asking Matt for help, I’m doing my best to keep a good attitude through the physical discomforts and challenges, and I’m celebrating the small, determined accomplishments: I painted my own toenails today!

35 Weeks

I have the house to myself for the next two nights and am on a cleaning binge, but I wanted to get a quick post up because 35 weeks is a great big milestone and I hit it today πŸ™‚ The Truck’s hearing, lungs and kidneys are all fully developed, and it might be about as long as it’s going to get! Over the next few weeks (s)he still needs to get chubbier in preparation for life outside the womb, but developmentally there isn’t a whole lot that still needs to happen, just gaining weight and strength and courage (that’s true for both of us lol).


No bump picture this week, but I don’t think there’s a noticeable difference from last week. If you were to see me in action, especially on stairs and in the snow I’m developing a pretty tough waddle, although it depends how stiff my hips are and how sore my back – sometimes I really make the effort to walk like a human being instead of a duck πŸ˜‰

34 Weeks

Matt and I had a wonderful mini-vacation this week – after (delicious!) Christmas dinner with family in Newmarket we spent three nights with my dad’s side of the family up in Orillia. I think it is the longest stay we have had since getting married, and it was so nice to have so much downtime, to chat and watch movies and eat leftovers πŸ™‚34 weeks bumpMy Grandma was kind enough to handle taking a bump picture for me on Thursday when the Truck and I marked 34 weeks. It was so funny reading my weekly prego email this week because it was right on the mark about how I’ve been uncomfortable the last few days – achy pelvis, tired eyes, rolling over in bed is getting to be a huge production. Word is the Truck is the size of a butternut squash and is producing about a pint of pee per day.34 weeks bump close upMatt and I had a wonderful moment on Boxing Day when we took a $50 gift card to Toys R Us to see if there were any great sales to take advantage of, and we ended up walking out of the store empty handed. There was a lot of really cute stuff, and some pretty cool stuff, as well as some obvious over-marketing to new parents BUT none of it was anything we need before the baby actually arrives, and we would rather have the gift card for things we need down the road. For our real baby! It’s still hard to believe that all these months of waiting and preparing are actually such a small portion of how our lives will change. There are still preparations to be made (I borrowed a sewing machine and a steamer to help with my ongoing nesting, and our apartment is definitely set up for Christmas, not a home birth), but it keeps hitting me more and more often that all of this momentous anticipation is part of my life that the Truck won’t be able to fathom – parents before they were parents! Growing up, when I looked at photo albums from my baby years I couldn’t be bothered with too many pictures before I came on the scene in all my chubby-cheeked, grey-eyed glory, and it is strange to now be living in that era of irrelevance for my own child.