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A Camping Adventure

This week our family shared our first camping trip! It was my third time camping EVER, and the first time I’ve ever hiked into a campsite, and Torre spent his first night in a tent with great success. Originally I had booked a day off work so that Matt could go camping with friends and I would stay home with Torre, but at the last minute some people decided not to go, and I asked Matt if it would be too crazy for me to jump in last minute (and by last minute I mean at 9:30pm the night before their 6am departure time!). Matt was up for it, and so was our friend Benson, so Matt rearranged the supplies to make one backpack as light as possible so I could carry it while wearing Torre on my front, we grabbed a couple hours of sleep and hit the road bright and early.

Torre in car

How could you not be a morning person when you wake up to this smile!?

The campsite we reserved was an 8km hike from the trail head, but due to a road closure we had to leave the car at the park office and started our adventure with a “bonus hike” of about 2km. Matt set a quick pace so we could make it to our campsite before the rain that was forecast, although we stopped at a few lookouts on the way to take in the beautiful scenery.

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Pictures from December


This month Matt took a writing retreat, and we got to stay in an amazing condo.


While Matt was writing, Torre and I got to visit my Grandparents, which is always fun!


The condo had an amazing bathtub, which was great for relaxing at the end of the day… or containing an explorative baby 🙂

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Half Way Around the Sun

I have been half way around the sun as a mother –

it happened as quickly as they said it would.

Just as my belly stretched around his body,

my heart has stretched and soared on have caught glimpses of a kinder and more patient version of myself

who has tender smiles left to give at 2 in the morning and again at 4,

who wills strength into aching arms when swaying and singing are what my sleepy son needs.

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Baby Update

Life has been busy, but not in a very bloggable way. I keep getting more pregnant though, which is always bloggable, right? So here’s a quick update as I near the end of my fifth (!!!) month of pregnancy.

Here is the bump at 17 weeks, about to go out to dinner with Matt! My book said the baby would double its weight between weeks 17 and 20…But my belly definitely started to pop before then. This is 19 weeks, rocking my maternity jeans!

And here’s 20 weeks – half way to full term!

This month we had a fetal anatomy ultrasound done to make sure the Truck has all its parts and to establish where the placenta is located. I had a great tech who was very friendly and often turned the screen to show me anything cute/interesting. I got to see nose and lips, feet, and a little belly! She also chased the Truck back and forth to get the perfect picture of its hand (no extra digits there, but we can’t really tell if the thumbs are straight or not… suspense!)

Meet the Truck!

I asked the tech if she knew the gender, and she did! But I used all of my inner strength to stand by mine and Matt’s decision to wait until the Truck is born to look at its private parts 😉 So feel free to speculate, you’ve got a 50/50 chance of being right, and we can’t accidentally give it away because we don’t know either! It is certainly fun to guess, and I know that whatever the gender is, it will just be a mind-blowing blessing when we finally meet this baby who is swimming mad laps in my belly.

Update: Pictures!

The cord I needed has been found! I hope you enjoy this quick visual update on what’s been going on lately 🙂 There are the shoes I purged, before and after pictures of our prayer table which was refinished by the men’s ministry/carpentry workshop of my church, the pictures of my Shahi Paneer Korma, cookies I baked, AND last but not least my 15-week bump.