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Cloth Diapering in an Apartment

Before I jump in to this post, let me offer full disclosure: we used disposables on our two week mission trip to Bathurst, New Brunswick, and it was almost the undoing of us and cloth diapers. Disposables are amazingly convenient – no rinsing, washing, or hanging to dry; they take up hardly any space in the diaper bag; it is easy to know when to change them because you can see when they’re full. They’re not even that expensive. Truth be told, I changed fewer diapers throughout the day when Torre was in disposables compared to cloth as well because they could absorb so much more.


Now that we’ve been home for a few weeks, I am happily back in the swing of cloth diapering, even having just completed a week of day camp at our church. I have been meaning to write this post for a while because our apartment-dweller status was one of the biggest concerns I had researching whether cloth diapers would be a good choice for our family. Would we really save money if we have to pay per load of laundry? Would the diapers really come clean with only limited washer settings to choose from?

This is not meant to be a comprehensive post on cloth diapers, but a peek at the system I’ve developed that works for me. Cloth diapering is not for every family, but I don’t think that living in an apartment is a reason to give up on it, so here’s what works for us.

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Half Way Around the Sun

I have been half way around the sun as a mother –

it happened as quickly as they said it would.

Just as my belly stretched around his body,

my heart has stretched and soared on have caught glimpses of a kinder and more patient version of myself

who has tender smiles left to give at 2 in the morning and again at 4,

who wills strength into aching arms when swaying and singing are what my sleepy son needs.

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Three Things Thursday [Vol. 20]

Ah how I love the miscellany I get to write about on Thursdays! From daily life to spiritual life to sarcastic reflections on pregnancy, it’s just so nice to have this outlet for sharing three things at a time 🙂 With that said, I am pleased to announce three firsts that Torre’s had this week!

1. First stroller outing sitting forward instead of strapped into the car seat attachment (the huggies box is not product placement but a simple testimony to our messy apartment these days)

torre in stroller

I can’t actually look directly at this picture because my heart might just explode with cuteness and being overwhelmed how quickly and beautifully my baby is growing up.

2. First baby cereal

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Three Things Thursday [Vol. 19]

I am so happy that today is Thursday, for I have a couple random thoughts I was thinking about blogging, but they really don’t relate in the traditional sense of a post. However, I can see God’s blessing in all of them, so today I will share 3 things I’m grateful to God for:

  1. Yesterday I took the subway downtown and ended up stuck. The station I went to was under construction to “improve accessibility,” which makes sense because there was no way for me to get above ground with Torre in the stroller. There was one escalator going up, but there were stairs down and up to get to it. I asked the ticket guy if there was any way out, and he said I needed to take the subway back a few stops to get above ground and just walk. He suggested I ask someone to help me just take the stroller up the stairs.

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Mother’s Day

It is my first Mother’s Day to be a mother. Three months into this new role, however, it doesn’t always feel real. After all, I feel like the same person inside as I was last year and the year before, but today I’m being celebrated.

Some people have asked if I’m excited for my first Mother’s Day, but the fact is that it hasn’t really connected for me. Reality is still settling in that I have a child, and that he will one day call me Mom. I am glad this holiday exists but not because I want extra attention or appreciation; if anything makes this Mother’s Day extra special or unique, I think it’s because it is the first year that I have really appreciated my own mom.

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