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Nicaragua Day 9: San Juan Del Sur

San Juan Del Sur has a great playground!

Today we had breakfast at a hip surfer restaurant called Republika, where bottomless coffee was included with delicious breakfast options including belgian waffles 🙂 We met a family from Texas with a chatty 6 year old daughter named Ryan. We spent a few hours eating and chatting, then did some grocery shopping, played at the park in the town square and came back to the hostel.

Torre played with a kitten that lives here and learned his first Spanish word – gato. I’m not sure if he knows it’s a word or if he thinks this cat is just named gato, but it was really cute to watch him so fascinated and affectionate, even though I was stressed it would end badly with a bite or scratch (it never did).

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Nicaragua Day 8: San Juan Del Sur

Matt got a pretty bad sunburn on our travel day to San Juan Del Sur, so day 8 we took things pretty easy and Matt hid away from the sun. Our hostel offered free breakfast, so we had a nice slow morning there before moving over to Hostel Esperanza right across the street from the beach. We unpacked properly for the first time of our trip, and I went for a walk down the beach while Torre took his afternoon nap. It was so relaxing to wade in the surf, to feel ocean water washing in over my feet while the sand was pulled under my feet back to the sea by the undertow.

The power was out at this time – it seems there may be unofficial rolling blackouts because the receptionist said when it goes out it’s usually back on by sunset at 5:30, and so it was. It was the only power outage we experienced for the rest of the week, but it was a reminder that this beautiful country faces serious struggles and lack of infrastructure.

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Nicaragua Day 7: Travel from Ometepe Island to San Juan Del Sur


Family picture as we left the Landing Hotel on Moyogalpa

Last Monday we traveled from Canada to Nicaragua, and today we traveled from Ometepe to San Juan Del Sur. We have come so far! At the start of our travel day we bought crackers and a coke from a local grocery store, caught the ferry no problem and did not get hustled by any taxi drivers.


Looking forward to our next adventure!

Matt and I split a plate of food for $3 from a stand at the beach, we cabbed it to the border of Rivas for $1 each and took a chicken bus to San Juan Del Sur for about $2 each. The bus was so full, but a man gave me a seat with Torre, and Matt got a place next to me, although he soon gave it up to a woman with a toddler when she got on the bus. The other mom and I talked a little bit before she got off, and Torre slept, and before too long we arrived. I was glad to be next to a window and to have our backpacks in the luggage racks above the seats, not stowed under the bus.

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Nicaragua Day 6: Ometepe Island


We enjoyed a very relaxed Sunday in Moyogalpa, where nearly everything was closed, traffic was minimal, and we hadn’t planned any tourist activities anyway. We had breakfast at a cafe up the road in a hostel run by a Dutch woman and a chain-smoking rack-of-bones American man with bottles of cough medicine and a big box of kleenex at his table. Torre was busy moving chairs around, climbing and running around while we enjoyed our breakfast and chatted with the owners.

“What brought you to Nicaragua?” I asked.

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Nicaragua Day 5: Ometepe Island

Today we traveled to Moyogalpa on Ometepe Island – all in all a great day, and even the little bumps were good for learning experiences.ometepe-nicaragua

We ate breakfast at the hostel – instant oatmeal and a can of fruit. My guts were unsettled, and I think Torre’s were too, possibly from out street meat the night before, although Matt was completely fine. Torre didn’t eat much, but I did have a full serving, chased with Imodium and  a prayer for our long trip on a bus!

We walked to the town square and bought a wallet I’d seen before as well as a bracelet for our sponsor child, Fabiola, who we’ll be meeting in a week and a half, then we caught a cab to the bus station and were the last two seats on an express bus to Managua. This bus went so fast compared to the bus we rode to Leon. We were squished in the very back corner with Torre asleep across both our laps. Momotombo belched some steam/smoke as we passed along the highway, and between Latin music as our playlist (invaded as always in this country by Nicki Minaj’s song Anaconda – don’t google it) and our driver’s heavy foot we arrived in Managua in fantastic time.

The drive itself had beautiful scenery – lush green mountains in the distance that look like a cozy green blanket tossed in a heap with folds down all the hills. The sky was cloudless, and every so often we’d pass a horse or (herd of) cow(s) by the side of the road. I couldn’t see out the windshield, so I didn’t get too stressed passing trucks or cars, although there were some ridiculous scenarios with oncoming traffic and passing a long line of transport trucks/other buses when I simply had to put ourselves in God’s hands.

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