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A Note

I am technically on vacation, although blogging is not a job, and parenting doesn’t really allow for breaks at this stage, so it could just be that I am having a month-long change of scenery. Posts here might be a bit fewer and farther between as I make the most of time with family and soak up the beauty of Canada’s west coast 🙂

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Matt and I went car shopping yesterday. BLAT is on its last legs, and we are hoping our next vehicle will be more reliable for us over the next several years. The car we test drove today was nice, but not the right price, and the sales guy was merciless in his haggling. He stood firm on the asking price despite some obvious work the car would need, so we walked away (literally – to the bus stop), but it was a good experience for us to confirm what is important in the next car we buy.

The most interesting part of the day for me was reading through the CarFax print-out that laid out the history of the car. We could see how many owners the car had, how much mileage each owner put on the car, and whether there had been any accidents or other claims (such as the car being stolen or vandalized). This car had a pretty clean record, but it got me thinking – what if people came with a printed out history? Would it make relationships easier or harder if we could know everyone’s past right off the bat?baggage

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Mother’s Day

It is my first Mother’s Day to be a mother. Three months into this new role, however, it doesn’t always feel real. After all, I feel like the same person inside as I was last year and the year before, but today I’m being celebrated.

Some people have asked if I’m excited for my first Mother’s Day, but the fact is that it hasn’t really connected for me. Reality is still settling in that I have a child, and that he will one day call me Mom. I am glad this holiday exists but not because I want extra attention or appreciation; if anything makes this Mother’s Day extra special or unique, I think it’s because it is the first year that I have really appreciated my own mom.

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Time Management – A New Strategy

The lines of purpose in your lives never grow slack, tightly tied as they are to your future in heaven, kept taut by hope. Colossians 1:5 [The Message]

I would love if this passage described my life. Unfortunately the lines of purpose in my life are often tangled, and they do get slack, forgetful as I am of my future in heaven, at least when the going gets tough. I put my hope in a fridge full of food, or a full night’s sleep, or a balanced budget, and I end up taut with anxiety or frustration when those things don’t happen.

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Welcome Spring! (Finally)

I changed my closet over today for a new season, since it is our third gorgeous day in a row. What a delight to rediscover a few summer dresses and pretty tops that I packed away last Fall! Going through my clothes was a good exercise, and I managed to weed out some shirts that I know I won’t miss. Decluttering is never easy for me, but it is satisfying once I do it. I am always surprised at just how much stuff I hold onto.

I am mulling over an idea for cutting back on my wardrobe, which I will share if I decide to do it 🙂 I think it might be a good next step for me since the clothes I’m left with all fit, and it would be hard for me to decide what to get rid of if I were to thin the herd.

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