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Three Things Thursday [Vol. 20]

Ah how I love the miscellany I get to write about on Thursdays! From daily life to spiritual life to sarcastic reflections on pregnancy, it’s just so nice to have this outlet for sharing three things at a time 🙂 With that said, I am pleased to announce three firsts that Torre’s had this week!

1. First stroller outing sitting forward instead of strapped into the car seat attachment (the huggies box is not product placement but a simple testimony to our messy apartment these days)

torre in stroller

I can’t actually look directly at this picture because my heart might just explode with cuteness and being overwhelmed how quickly and beautifully my baby is growing up.

2. First baby cereal

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Home (Again!)

Just a quick note that we have all returned safely home from a two week trip to the East Coast! Our travel-happy family had a great experience that I am looking forward to posting about, especially after a 3 week break from blogging 🙂 I knew I’d be away from the computer during our trip, but I did not know that I’d leave my cell phone behind in Toronto (whoops), and it was very interesting to be cut off from those means of communication/distraction.

Anyways, there is lots to catch up on, and the first thing will be sleep! Bye for now.

Three Things Thursday [Vol. 19]

I am so happy that today is Thursday, for I have a couple random thoughts I was thinking about blogging, but they really don’t relate in the traditional sense of a post. However, I can see God’s blessing in all of them, so today I will share 3 things I’m grateful to God for:

  1. Yesterday I took the subway downtown and ended up stuck. The station I went to was under construction to “improve accessibility,” which makes sense because there was no way for me to get above ground with Torre in the stroller. There was one escalator going up, but there were stairs down and up to get to it. I asked the ticket guy if there was any way out, and he said I needed to take the subway back a few stops to get above ground and just walk. He suggested I ask someone to help me just take the stroller up the stairs.

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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! It may not really be a day off this year (Torre doesn’t know what a stat holiday is), but I am very grateful to have this country as my home. I like our colourful money and the fact we put u’s in more words than Americans. I love our maternity leave and free health care, decent schools and relative lack of corruption. I enjoy that there is French on my cereal boxes. It may not be perfect, but Canada has certainly been a wonderful place to grow up and now to be raising a family in.

From sea to shining sea 🙂

Don’t Wait to Follow Jesus

That was the gist of my dad’s sermon this morning, which really spoke to me despite the fact that my attention was divided between sermon and baby (I’m always glad when God gets himself through my distraction and confusion). I definitely have the tendency to idealize the future, to think that when certain circumstances come my way or when something changes that then I’ll have the energy/passion/desire to do more for God and be my best self.

On a related note, I was struck by the line in a hymn this morning: “my richest gain I count but loss” and thought how the accomplishments I’m striving for will be really disappointing if I achieve them and then realize that pursuing them instead of a close walk with Jesus has cost me in my relationship with God. I have been playing a dangerous little mind game with myself lately in which I mask selfish motives with spiritual lip service – God wants me to be happy, right? And he’s a great big God, so he can use me wherever I go and whatever I do. So I should just do whatever I want and let him chase after me sprinkling spiritual confetti on my pursuit of personal fulfillment. It’s embarrassing to realize how thin of a facade I’ve been hiding behind and fooling myself into neglecting prayerful discernment and submission to his direction.

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