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Routine Vs. Schedule

How much sleep does an eight month old baby need? Apparently the average is 16 hours, which only means the range is 12-20 hours per day. New babies get all the sleep they need because they simply take it, brains shutting down to rest whenever and wherever. As babies get older, however, they gain the ability to keep themselves awake. If they are in unfamiliar surroundings, or if it seems like lots of fun is happening, babies can opt to resist their own tiredness and stay alert to the world, taking in all the information they can.played outThis is a good thing, but as with all developmental milestones it is hitting me as a parent as a mixed blessing. Growing up isn’t sad, after all, and I would never wish my child to be narcoleptic, but now that his body won’t simply take whatever sleep it needs, my responsibility as a parent has expanded. And it’s stressful.

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Cloth Diapering in an Apartment

Before I jump in to this post, let me offer full disclosure: we used disposables on our two week mission trip to Bathurst, New Brunswick, and it was almost the undoing of us and cloth diapers. Disposables are amazingly convenient – no rinsing, washing, or hanging to dry; they take up hardly any space in the diaper bag; it is easy to know when to change them because you can see when they’re full. They’re not even that expensive. Truth be told, I changed fewer diapers throughout the day when Torre was in disposables compared to cloth as well because they could absorb so much more.


Now that we’ve been home for a few weeks, I am happily back in the swing of cloth diapering, even having just completed a week of day camp at our church. I have been meaning to write this post for a while because our apartment-dweller status was one of the biggest concerns I had researching whether cloth diapers would be a good choice for our family. Would we really save money if we have to pay per load of laundry? Would the diapers really come clean with only limited washer settings to choose from?

This is not meant to be a comprehensive post on cloth diapers, but a peek at the system I’ve developed that works for me. Cloth diapering is not for every family, but I don’t think that living in an apartment is a reason to give up on it, so here’s what works for us.

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Planting Seeds

Today after VBS some of the staff stayed late to share a devo time of worship and prayer. It was great to check in and share the highs and lows we have experienced this week, and it is hard to believe that tomorrow will be our last day of camp! VBS is a really multi-faceted ministry because there is an obvious focus on teaching kids about God’s love, but there are also aspects of discipleship for the student leaders and outreach to the families who send their kids to us.

It is hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that each kid running rambunctiously through the snack area not only represents a future adult but also represents a family in our community. Some of these families have health concerns, financial worries, emotional problems, and/or spiritual struggles, and for five days we get to walk alongside them by modelling God’s love to their children.

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Rocking VBS

Our church is putting on a Vacation Bible School this week, and I am finally able to help out this year! (thanks, mat leave 🙂 ) There are a ton of pictures because we have a resident photographer capturing moments around the church each day at all the different stations, but I don’t have access to those pictures yet sooo enjoy this text-only post 🙂

Only one day has passed by, and I am already feeling so blessed and sustained by God since I am definitely operating outside of my comfort zone. I am in charge of the kitchen, which is not a small undertaking for a full-day camp with two snack times and a break for lunch! Fortunately the campers bring a packed lunch, and we have it set up so that each day one group helps me prepare the first snack for everyone. Today there was a possibly miraculous intervention

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A Day at the ROM

I have sore feet tonight after spending the day at the Royal Ontario Museum. A group of friends joined us to spend Esther’s second-last day in Toronto together, and it was great to finally check out this landmark of my city. There were way too many exhibits and artifacts to see in one day, but my brain is overwhelmed with everything I did get to see, from dinosaur bones to Victorian-era bedrooms, marble busts and ancient Asian pottery. Torre slept through most of it, but Matt and I are both excited to share experiences like this with him when he is older and actually interested in things like dinosaurs or ancient Egypt or animals from around the world. We did try to take some pictures, but Torre was tired (read: miserable), so none of them look like any memories we want to hold on to.

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