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It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot like Christmas

It really feels like Christmas is around the corner now that our tree is up and decorated, we have snow on the ground, and cards are starting to arrive in the mail.


It is fun to have presents under the tree already, since I think last year we had a pretty bare floor for the first half of December. Torre enjoys swatting the little red ornaments at every opportunity and got very excited when he realized one wrapped present makes noises every time he bumps it. That present lives in the middle of the tree now, for my sanity and so the wrapping lasts until Christmas 🙂

DSC07797Matt bought these window decals last night, which are SO cute, and I think it will be fun for Torre to decorate the windows in future years. We sure had fun putting them up, and then whaddaya know it snowed!

DSC07798One innovation I’m pleased with myself over this year is the idea of putting Christmas cards in our window blinds! We definitely don’t have enough clear surfaces that are out of reach from Torre’s hands (and therefore mouth), and even before we had a baby I always wished we had a better way to display the beautiful cards we receive. At night the candy canes shine through the blinds, and I think it looks pretty cheery from the outside too!

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Stay Golden with Poetry

It has been a very busy last few days for our family, and I have been grateful for Torre’s flexibility and resilience as we kept him up late away from home several nights in a row. Last night was a show for Stay Golden, a performing arts ministry Matt leads that gives young artists a stage, and as always it was inspiring to hear testimonies and see the passion that high school students and young adults bring through spoken word, song, and dance. I signed up for the open mic part of the show and had so much fun presenting a spoken word piece I wrote this Fall – I’m hoping to post the video before long.

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Movember was on my mind today since I saw this comic earlier in the morning, so I was on the ball to capture this picture at lunch time.. You might think that Torre is too young to participate in Movember, but in fact he has inherited a great passion for prostate health awareness, as well as the colour orange from his grandfather. Today, with the help of some carrot soup, he combined these passions.

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Laughing at Marriage

Marriage is more than four bare legs in a bed.  ~Hoshang N. Akhtar

I’m thinking about marriage today, grateful for the husband I have and the life we are building together, and reflecting on how I’ve changed and am changing as a wife. All in all it’s for the better! But like rocks being polished in a tumbler, married life feels gritty sometimes. I worry about aspects of myself that I’m losing or things I know Matt has sacrificed for us, and I freak out that it’s too much to ask.

me in New York

Who wouldn’t want to marry this girl!?

My friend Brett wrote a great little rant on how our culture treats marriage (Marriage Sucks). He searched the internets for an inspirational quote to include in a love letter for his wife and got mostly one-liners about marriage that are thinly veiled put-downs. He says,

Marriage does not have the greatest track record at the moment. It is in desperate need of people who will champion it, who will speak life into it and cheer it on from the sides [as other married couples and as single or dating people] – we need all the help we can get.

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Our True Selves

This morning got off to a terrible start. Terrible. It was a rough night and early start to the day, and all in all I could not imagine feeling any worse.

I texted a friend, wallowed in self-pity, then cooked myself the most delicious breakfast possible.

Torre’s favourite thing lately is to pull himself up to stand against a chair or a table and then call me to help him down or help him walk to somewhere. As bacon sizzled in the kitchen, I tried to explain to him that he had used up all of me during the night, that it was just a sad shell of me lying on the carpet unable to help him. He mostly just stood there yelling. At one point he crawled over and bit me on the leg.

Finally breakfast was ready, and Torre warmed my heart by eating some banana and some egg. Feeding him is an area that I feel almost as helpless in as getting him to sleep. Like, babies come with no skills at all, and I just don’t know how to teach the basic necessities of life. Part of me knows it will all work out, but a tiny, panicky part of my brain insists after every wakeful night and every rejected meal that I will still be waking up in the night to nurse my 12 year old because all he ever eats is rice crackers. So with some real food in both our bellies, my dejection began to ease, and I grabbed my Bible to read a bit while Torre played on the floor.

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