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God is so funny. For weeks I have been meaning to knock on my neighbour’s door and just say hello and that Matt and I would love to get together for a visit some time, maybe invite her over for tea or a smoke on our balcony since she is 83 and her balcony is under construction, so she is forced to smoke in her apartment. This last week specifically, I have been meaning to every day, but each day I had some errand or chore take up time so I excused myself from going by. We have chatted in the elevator and said hi in passing in the hallway, so there was really no reason for my hesitancy and procrastination, but there it was.

At work on Friday I was thinking about how this was my last day before yet another week had passed of my fruitless intentions, and I prayed for God to help me, to want to go by even more than I already wanted to, and to get over whatever hangup was in my brain. I knew I wanted to make muffins and do a load of laundry, but there would be time to just stop by and say hi and hopefully make plans to get together within another week or so.

I stopped at No Frills on the way home to pick up sour cream for the muffins, got home and took Nimoy out, then began to mix my butter and sugar. My plan was to get the muffins in the oven, then take the laundry down, then put away dry laundry that was hanging in the office, then hopefully the muffins would be done and… it was pretty unlikely that I would actually make it down the hall to say hi to Dorothy. Rats.

As I continued to beat the butter and sugar, I realized that I hadn’t thought to make sure we had eggs, and I had a sinking feeling we were out. How could I forget eggs? And I had already been to the grocery store… I didn’t have time to make another trip and I didn’t want to anyways. It occurred to me that Dorothy might have eggs, and what a perfect excuse to go by and say hi. “Perfect” might be an overstatement… but I had the sinking feeling that God had set me up in answer to my prayers and that ignoring the opportunity would be a lame move. So I shuffled down the hall in my baking slippers (okay, they’re just regular slippers) and knocked on her door.

She had the eggs I needed, and we ended up chatting for about an hour – it was great 🙂 She has a huge family and has traveled all over Canada, and it was really nice to just get to know each other a bit better.

Laundry didn’t happen, but I did make some delicious muffins, and I am thankful for such a silly kick in the pants from God.

P.S. When I googled the egg picture, I got SO distracted reading about eggs!

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a Comic

I printed out this comic and taped it up at my desk, where it delights me every day:

If only I had thought to post this instead of my sappy anniversary post! I am happy to say that Matt and I have not yet resorted to this tactic to solve our issues 🙂

To satirize religion instead of relationships, I like to imagine this comic with just a slight variation:

  • Comic title – White Ninja saves a soul
  • First frame script – “forget the counselling, I’ve figured out how to solve all of your life issues”
  • Second frame – “the gospel”


A Happy Year!

It’s mine and Matt’s first anniversary, and I have been so excited for the last few weeks looking forward to it!

I am happy to honestly say it has been a great year – although there were times I wasn’t sure it would be possible (maybe one day I will blog about how nuts The Pill made me and how happy I am to be off it, as well as how grateful I am for a husband who continued to love me through ridiculous mood swings and relentless, senseless tears).

Of course, there are still ups and downs, and we both have a lot to learn and lots of growing to do, but in general… life is so darn good together!


Last month, I read Desire by John Eldridge. His message is that desire is the key to our hearts, and too many Christians are smothering their desires in efforts to be “godlier.” He says that by killing our desires, our hearts are dying also, and as a result we are left as dull and sterile shadows of who God would have us be. Eldridge says that Christians must not allow themselves to be satisfied in this world, because we were designed for Paradise.

Sometimes I feel like I could swell up and explode with how full life can be – the moments of contentment, abundance, and delight. But I also swing (usually quickly) to the other extreme of cynicism and fatigue, seemingly unable to embrace life to the full because… I don’t know why. It feels like I just shut down.

The last two weeks have had so many spiritual ups and downs, but in a very different way than I’ve experienced before – usually I rebound between intimacy with God and independence or indifference, but these ups and downs have been all wrapped up in closeness with God. The ups have been conversations and prayers God has used to convict and heal and challenge me; lows have been letting myself hurt and loving people who are hurt, and mourning. Sometimes it is so good to just break down in front of God, but it can also be scary because there aren’t guarantees that God will put everything back together. Sometimes there are still jagged edges and frailty, and God doesn’t pat me on the head and tell me it’s okay, because it just isn’t. But I’m comforted that God doesn’t allow his dissatisfaction to come in the way of his love, and neither should we.

I’ve had this song stuck in my head lately… You Never Let Go – Matt Redman