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Misery is Optional

Matt and I were driving in the country this week and passed a little church with a sign out front that said, “Trouble in this life is a guarantee, but misery is optional.”

The saying has stuck with me, and I’ve been reflecting on the difference between trouble and misery. It can be very easy for me to have a bad attitude, and this has caused me to be miserable in troubled times and also in not troubled times! I’m working to change that though, and a big step is remembering that most times I am miserable it is because of a perspective I’ve chosen to embrace (and can change!). Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts was very inspiring to me in that regard, and the value of thankfulness still resonates with me.

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Mission: Tidy Up

I was in our living room the other night and realized it happened: baby stuff has taken over every surface of our apartment. And the worst part is, Torre is way too young for it to be his doing! So every crinkly toy and piece of baby gear (bouncer, stroller, playmat) is where it is because I put it there. The reason music rang out when I sat on our couch was because I crammed a musical toy between the cushions.


One of the reasons minimalism appeals to me is because I know clutter attracts clutter, and the simplest antidote for clutter is not to own anything extra. But extra things can be beautiful and useful, not just clutter magnets, and the fact that we have an extra person in our family now, it makes sense to have some extra stuff! In fact, the reason our apartment looked inside out was because everything was being used on such a consistent basis, it simply never got put away.

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Three Things Thursday [Vol.16]

Every once in a while I dabble in setting goals, and it’s happening again. My friend Beth issued a challenge on her blog to commit to some goals for the month of April, and I thought that coincided very nicely with my new membership at so I am planning to do at least one video each day. I also had a dental checkup this month, which was horrible and therefore inspiring.

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Back to Exercise

It’s been six weeks since Torre was born, and I am starting to feel like I have my body back. I was surprised at how weak I felt in the weeks after delivery since I had carried this baby for nine months and pushed him out over the course of a whole day. I expected to have built up strength, not lost it!

Well, it turns out that pushing a stroller through slush and lifting an ever-growing baby repeatedly through the day builds more strength than pregnancy does, and my stamina is improving simply through the rigours of daily life. Six weeks postpartum is generally the earliest time that women are suggested to resume exercise, and I would be really happy to find a routine that works for me in the new realities of my life. Previously I have loved doing kickboxing, and I almost kind of got into running for a few months before becoming pregnant, but we have no money for a gym membership, and I don’t have the willpower to rebuild my cardio endurance up from nothing.

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(Lack of) Great Expectations

Five and a half weeks in, I still love spending my days with my baby. I think a big part of that is being okay with taking each day on its own terms as it comes. At 10am I might think it will be a super productive day, but at 3pm I’m staring at the exact same to-do list I started with. On the other hand, at 10 am I might resign myself to a day with nothing accomplished apart from the continued survival of my offspring, only to be happily surprised at 3pm to have grocery shopped and done laundry. I’m learning over and over that you never can tell quite what a day will bring.

Of course, some days

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