Book Review: Seeking Allah Finding Jesus

I was intrigued to read this book since we live in such a diverse neighbourhood. I know Muslims as kind, hospitable people who share many aspects of faith with me, but I also know there is a world of difference that separates our cultures and our religion, and I was eager to learn more. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus is Nabeel Qureshi’s account of his journey from faith in Islam to faith in Jesus Christ, and it is one of the best books I have read in a long time. Qureshi is a fantastic storyteller who brings his devout Muslim upbringing to life, setting the backdrop to understand his sincere and fervent adherence to Islam, which leads him to investigate the evidence for both Christian and Muslim beliefs in an effort to convert his Christian friend to Islam.

By the title of the book, you can guess the ending, but reading through his quest for truth was so engaging for me. I felt the tension as every aspect of Qureshi’s worldview came into question, as he faced the cost of what converting to Christianity would mean for him and his family, and I was so encouraged in my own faith as I reviewed the objective evidence that testifies to the truth of Christian claims. I have a greater appreciation for the Bible, a better understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity, and I can better articulate my confidence in Jesus’ resurrection after reading this book.

This book lays out the strong arguments and evidence in favour of Christianity being true, but Nabeel’s story also emphasizes the importance of relationships when Christians reach out to evangelize Muslims. Apologetics may remove some barriers that people have against Christianity, but winning arguments can only bring people so far; they must also take the step of faith to acknowledge Jesus and submit to him as Lord, and this decision truly costs a Muslim convert everything. Instead of bullying or badgering, Qureshi’s story emphasizes the importance of walking alongside and supporting people who are sincerely seeking truth.

I would recommend this book SO highly. It is a fantastic resource for any church library, and it is a fascinating read for anyone interesting in learning more about Islam, Christian apologetics, or for religious seekers in general. I am certainly going to share my copy around.

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