Better Than L.A. Ink

I had a good chat with God last night, and that was a gift because I had been very close to spending my evening watching Netflix. Then when I was heading to bed, I debated whether to read my Bible or go straight to sleep. My mind thought, I have already heard so much from God today, I don’t really want to read my Bible because what if he says more!? I’m too tired to write it down, and I’ll never remember it all, and then how will it change me. I shouldn’t waste both our time.

And then God so gently said, With Matt you don’t worry about remembering every great thing he has ever said to you, but those words nourish and shape your relationship all the same. You can’t have too much of me, Alyssa.

God is right! I could never have too much of him, and even when I have SO much of him, that is right. I was designed to overflow with God’s love. And I trust that what he wants to stick he will make stick.

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