It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot like Christmas

It really feels like Christmas is around the corner now that our tree is up and decorated, we have snow on the ground, and cards are starting to arrive in the mail.


It is fun to have presents under the tree already, since I think last year we had a pretty bare floor for the first half of December. Torre enjoys swatting the little red ornaments at every opportunity and got very excited when he realized one wrapped present makes noises every time he bumps it. That present lives in the middle of the tree now, for my sanity and so the wrapping lasts until Christmas 🙂

DSC07797Matt bought these window decals last night, which are SO cute, and I think it will be fun for Torre to decorate the windows in future years. We sure had fun putting them up, and then whaddaya know it snowed!

DSC07798One innovation I’m pleased with myself over this year is the idea of putting Christmas cards in our window blinds! We definitely don’t have enough clear surfaces that are out of reach from Torre’s hands (and therefore mouth), and even before we had a baby I always wished we had a better way to display the beautiful cards we receive. At night the candy canes shine through the blinds, and I think it looks pretty cheery from the outside too!

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Grandpa Tim 09-12-2013, 16:14

Thinking of Torre experiencing Christmas for the first time makes me feel giddy AND far away!

alyssa 09-12-2013, 23:08

It will be interesting to see what he thinks of all the excitement!

Susan 09-12-2013, 21:45

Everything looks so cheery! I love the window decals 🙂 Using your blinds for displaying cards is brilliant – and I was thinking the candy canes would look great from outside too even before I read it.

alyssa 09-12-2013, 23:09

Knowing us, there’s a good chance the window decals might still be up when you come in February 😛


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