Clearly November has been a very different month than October, but every time I think of doing a post, this is as far as I get. So I am setting my perfectionism aside, allowing for the fact that I can’t possibly catch up/cover everything in one post and just say what I have to say.

November has been full.

Going to Philly two weeks ago was fantastic – Matt and I both loved the trip itself, just to be away together, plus we met some really cool people and were part of great conversations about community and Christianity and broken places.

Last weekend we went on an unexpected trip home to Victoria for my Grandma’s funeral. There is lots I am still processing about all of that, so I think I will leave it mostly unsaid at this point. It was good to be together with family though. Also, I am having really intense jet-lag for the first time I think. Obviously I have had to adjust to time changes before on my many trips between here and there, but yesterday and today I was FALLING ASLEEP at 9:30am – like, unable to function, hold-my-head-up-with-my-hands-at-work, did-someone-slip-me-rohypnol tired. While last night I slept in 30-50 minute segments without ever quite feeling sleepy. Also I woke up at 2am STARVING. Fortunately work is forcing me to keep a normal schedule so I can’t give in to my confused brain, and I am hoping I’ll be back to normal soon.

Lastly, thanks to the internet and a couple hours of me doing crochet while Matt read books, Nimoy has a homemade sweater. Aww!! He is not as pleased as I am with it, but he doesn’t seem too annoyed either.

Good pose, Nimoy. Good pose.

Good pose, Nimoy. Good pose.

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Susan 28-11-2011, 02:30

I love the splayed back legs which give symmetry and line to the suspended left paw giving the sweater a sophisticated-yet-comfy look to it. He could be a model.

Sorry to hear about your body clock. That sucks. I hope it's better by now.


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