An "Easy" Yoke, 2/3

“I am gentle and lowly in heart”

This is the first clue to life yoked to Jesus. He is the one we must follow and emulate and he says from the beginning that the pattern to follow is to be gentle and lowly. It is also a promise that he will not change us all at once or hurt us or humiliate us. It is uncomfortable to change, to adjust and to submit, but the One we are trusting with our lives is gentle and lowly, and he will help us to be too. He is not an impatient teacher, and he never forces, but as we live our lives yoked snugly to his side we see more easily when we are out of step, and with experience we see time and again that his way is always better. This helps motivate us to trust him more, to make bigger changes, to follow less flinchingly.

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