One of the youth led Bible study at Chazown this week, and it was great! We read about Peter denying Jesus in Matthew 26, and something new stood out to me – in verse 73 a bystander comes up to Peter and says, “Certainly you are one of [the men with Jesus], for your accent betrays you.”

Peter was a Galilean, and the way he spoke made it obvious, even when he was trying to blend in with the crowd outside the courtyard. I don’t think Christians should try to keep their faith a secret, but there are many times it may not be possible or appropriate to preach and evangelize. For those times, I hope I will live with an ever-strengthening accent: a humble attitude, gracious spirit, and integrity of character – all testifying to the work God has done in me, so that no matter what my words happen to be, bystanders will recognize that I belong to Jesus.

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Susan 24-09-2010, 20:24

Me too!

Matt Sampson 30-09-2010, 19:09

Such cool thoughts!!! I like you. We should date sometime


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