A Quick Book Recommendation

This recommendation is quick because I am going to start my outline for the LAST PAPER OF MY DEGREE. I really am.

But first, please read this book if you get a chance – I am about half way through, and I am not reading it for my course or anything – it was recommended to me by someone on the subway who saw me reading What’s So Great About Christianity. I am enjoying this book VERY much, the tone is great, easy to read but not simplistic or preachy, just a straightforward explanation of what Christians believe and why they are not completely bonkers to hold the beliefs they do. I can’t promise there is no altar call at the end because I haven’t got to the end, but I encourage everybody to make the time for this book! I got my copy from the library, but it would be worth buying one day, and I will probably re-read it before I return it. If you ever do read it, please let me know so we can talk about it 🙂

Silly me, you will need to know the title and author of course! The Reason for God by Timothy Keller. Now, put it on hold at the library so it will be all ready and waiting for you the next time you go!

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Susan 26-02-2011, 02:54

OK, I just did. I've got a hold on the first of 3 copies returned. He's got 3 other books out since 2008 – have you heard anything about them?

Alyssa 27-02-2011, 16:27

No I haven't… Maybe I will look into that for some reading this summer!


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