A New Year

Ah, sitting down to write a blog with no idea where to go with it – great start eh? Well, a couple days have gone by in 2011, and I don’t want to fall out of blogging habits! I have no resolutions to report, but it’s not because I’m lazy or anything! Okay, it might be a little bit of laziness, but I think it’s mostly just being satisfied with my habits – I have a membership at a MMA gym where I do kickboxing 1-3 times a week (I accidently went to a kettlebell class on Monday – THAT is crazy!), and the elevators in our building are going to be replaced one at a time over the next few months (meaning only one elevator functioning at a time, meaning lots of taking the stairs to our 11th floor apartment), so I’m giving myself an A for physical activity. My dental hygiene remains good, and my eating habits are.. decent!

So the only resolutions I can come up with are: graduate, stay married, kill the mouse that keeps taking cheese off the trap, love Jesus AND people, and don’t let Nimoy die of neglect. Amen.

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