A Great Decision

I had low expectations for today because it started out pretty rough, but things actually came together amazingly well! I took a bunch of pictures as my afternoon progressed, but the cord to connect my computer and phone are lost so I cannot upload them. That will be another post.

The great decision that spawned all the rest of my wonderful day was to cancel a massage appointment I had made for right after work. I went for a short run and did a bit of yoga last night, so my body felt better than it has for a few weeks. At 3 1/2 months pregnant, I am finally (fingers crossed) past the roughest parts of first trimester nausea, and eating more and better food. That is helping my energy levels be better, and I hope that I can maintain a reasonable level of exercise to stay limber and feeling healthy and strong. I know there will be new discomforts and complaints to come, but I’m enjoying the good while it lasts!

So today my mind needed the time at home more than my body needed a massage, and accepting that resulted in the most productive afternoon I’ve had in ages! I did common prayer, which has been very hit and miss lately, baked cookie dough I had waiting in the fridge, and tried a recipe for an Indian dish that I’ve never heard of or tasted, but Paneer cheese was on sale last week and I bought some, so I needed to use it up! I ventured into the Indian grocery store near us for the first time to buy super-hot Indian chili powder, and the recipe turned out amazing! It made tons too, so I’m looking forward to the left overs 🙂

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