A Cliche Come True

Sometimes as a Christian there are amazing and wonderful spiritual truths that lose their power because I become desensitized to them – I hear them so much I forget what they mean or play it off in my mind or deflect them with an eye roll and they don’t make it into my heart.

This weekend I went to a youth ministry conference with Matt, heard some great speakers and enjoyed a lot of good sessions on several topics BUT the theme that God kept bopping me on the head was – and this is cool to me because it wasn’t the topic of any session or learning lab, it was just a phrase that someone tossed out in passing that absolutely lodged in my heart –  “the joy of the Lord is your strength.” It’s weird because when I think back on it, I don’t know if I have really been joyful in serving God for… months? Years, probably. I mean, I’ve been happy to do things, and I’ve had moments of joy and fulfillment, but I’ve also been driven by a lot of willpower and sense of obligation or loyalty or… something. But I haven’t been fuelled by joy. And when things are tough (as they have been), the thing I pray for (if I pray) is strength and help from God.

So this weekend God asked me, “What if you prayed for joy instead?”

And my answer is, I think that might change everything.

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Susan 04-12-2012, 13:12

Well thank-you for letting God bop me on the head through you! I’m excited to hear where this takes you! (and perhaps me, too…)

brett fish anderson 21-08-2013, 01:51

i would go a step further and say that as you seek the Giver [God] so you get the gifts [joy] and joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit so it’s almost a guaranteed result… nice one!

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