A Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day, and I spent way more time outside than usual walking to school for a meeting, walking to the plaza to get tea for my sore throat, walking back to school for class (in five minutes).
Yesterday morning I was the latest for class that I have been all semester (the problem with the 401 is the later we leave our place, the busier traffic is and the even longer it takes to get to school!), but I stopped in the seminary lounge on my way to class to fill my thermos with hot water. There was a man there about to use the hot water but he let me go because I had to get to class. As the thermos was filling up and I said thank you, he replied,

“You can only do the best that you can with the time you are given. Have a beautiful day!”

And that phrase stuck with me through the day and all day today as well, so I wanted to pass it along 🙂

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cybersalt 31-03-2011, 17:27

I know where you live.


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