Follow Up

We had an ultrasound done this week to follow up on some things from the first ultrasound back in September. Nothing was really out of the ordinary, but there were a few things they wanted to monitor and make sure they stayed proper. One issue was a tiny cyst in the baby’s brain, which is not uncommon or dangerous but they wanted to make sure that it “resolved” – aka went away on its own as normal. The other issue was that the size of the brain ventricles were at the high end of normal range, and they wanted to make sure they stayed in a healthy range or else there could have been risk for brain damage.

The tech did the ultrasound, and then the high-risk specialist we were referred to met with us and also did a quick ultrasound, and everything looks great – no cysts, and ventricles that are well within the normal range. She wants to see us one more time to make sure everything stays great but said she has no concerns. I really loved our appointment with her because she took time to explain everything, to hear our questions, and her manner the whole time was really relaxed and open – I didn’t feel rushed or like she was skimming over things to wrap up the appointment.

Before our meeting with the doctor, we had the same great tech as the first ultrasound, and this lady loves our baby’s hands! So we have another hand picture – you can even see the little fingernails 😀

There was a bit of speculation from the last picture whether the Truck has crooked thumbs, but from this one it looks pretty clearly straight! So we are still in suspense over extra toes and any other surprises, but it loooooks like normal hands this round. 🙂

This is the only picture from this week, but when she was showing us the screen we got to see (allegedly) the Truck’s kidneys and bladder. They pretty much just look like circles in a great big circle on the screen, but I’m glad they’re in there. On a somewhat related note, I found out this week that the Truck has had a thyroid since like week 13! Just like that, my fetus has one-upped me and half my family (who no longer have thyroids).

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Linda Boag Moores 19-10-2012, 08:42

What are you trying to do….scare me to death? You know I pray for you and the baby every day.

alyssa 21-10-2012, 12:36

Thanks for your prayers! And don’t be scared 😛 we’re not!


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