1000 Days

I wrote this post Friday but couldn’t post it due to server problems, and then I was busy all weekend. So technically, I should change the title to 1003 days! Anyways, here it is 🙂

I’m wearing my wedding shoes today.

When I bought them three Summers ago, my criteria were that they be white, not too tall, and comfortable enough to last the day without needing to hobble around. Success! I also thought, when I bought this pair, that they’d be cute with jeans or a skirt (or a jean skirt, as I’m wearing today…), and that it would be great to own white kitten heels.

And then I never wore them again.

Of course, I hoarded them through moving two years ago, and they survived the great purge of March, but I kept them (and a number of other pairs) on probation. They (and the others) live in a box in our coat closet, and if I don’t wear them (and love them) this Summer, they’ll be donated in the Fall.

I love shoes, and I love a bargain, and this has led me to accumulate so many pairs of shoes (mostly from Payless) that are pretty, but not necessarily comfortable or practical. I am tall enough that I can say I don’t wear heels because then I’d be glamazon, but the truth is that I’m mostly too wimpy to ever break in tall shoes. Also, I’m cheap, and cheap shoes are less forgiving I think.

But these shoes are not just a BOGO bargain hangover that inspire blisters and days of limping around in flip flops to recover; they are the shoes that pinched my feet as I took such happy steps toward more-than-I-knew-at-the-time. I walked through a church, posed on stone steps and danced downtown. For practical as well as sentimental reasons, these shoes are worth breaking in (just… like… marriage? No, not going there lol).

But this post was not supposed to be all about shoes – this post was also to say a great big thank you to my husband for sticking around 1000 days! I’m not sure if it feels like longer than that or shorter, but it’s a milestone, and I’m grateful for it. From emotional breakdowns to figuring out money to killin’ cockroaches to keeping our dog alive, we make a good team, and I’m so very glad I get to do my life with you!

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