My 1 Year Old Walks!

It is Torre’s birthday, and I’ll not spend it blogging 😛

While we are celebrating our trip around the sun together, please enjoy this little video of some of his first steps! Yes, he’s this cute every day.

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glen (aka Grampie) 10-02-2014, 10:46

Happy Birthday Torre

Susan 10-02-2014, 12:28

Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy I know!! He IS a champ. So many changes in a year…

Ericka M 11-02-2014, 21:13

What? Is Torre a year old already? Congratulation on him reaching a whole year and that he can walk already. Alyssa, when did you learn to walk? I don’t think I was walking at one year old, but I’m not sure.

alyssa 14-02-2014, 21:14

I am told that I started walking before my first birthday. I kind of skipped crawling though, so I was probably impatient to get moving!

Being the Oldest, Raising an Oldest » Moving With God 01-03-2014, 23:33

[…] everything he does is new and exciting and amazing because we’ve never seen a baby learn to walk or climb before. I have pretty high self-esteem and I’m sure much of that comes from the […]


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